10FT Rod and Reel All Rounder Set


This set comes with a Shimano Vortex 10FT two piece Rod, and an easy cast Shimano Alivio 10000FA Reel spooled with 200 yards of 20lb line ready to go.

A fully equipped two tray clear top tackle box contains a bait knife, six assorted sinkers, a spool of 60lb trace line to make your own rigs, 3 x Kiwi Tackle Rigs, 1 x 55 gram Hex Wobbler Lure, 1 x Bait Cotton, 1 x packet of Kiwi Tackle Lumo Beads for rig making, 1 x packet containing two Tip Lights and a small Shimano tackle box that sits inside your main tackle box and contains an assortment of hooks, swivels and snap swivels. To round off the set, a beach spike is included to enable you to enjoy easier fishing while protecting your rod and reel from lying in the sand.