Svord Fish Fillet Knife 7" Carbon Steel Gift Pack


A great New Zealand made fish filleting knife, comes beautifully presented in a Svord wooden presentation box and includes an Iki Spike. The Iki Spikes are supplied with the knives and come in a mix of colours, you will get the colour supplied with the knife which could be either fluro orange, pink, green, or blue.  If the colour is important please let us know.

The 9" knife is ideal for filleting larger fish with deeper bodies, wider fillets and is ideal for skinning those larger fish such as groper, bluenose and bass, where as the 7" knife is better suited to fish such as snapper, tarakihi and gurnard and is more of a general purpose size knife.

We will gift wrap on request at no charge, just let us know you would like it gift wrapped.