Wellington Area Fishing Report September 2018

Spring fishing has definitely arrived and can be a very exciting time of year to fish. This is due to there being a wide variety of both winter and summer species, so you never know what you are going to catch.

The Harbor and West Coast has been fishing very well for the boaties with big Gurnard and a surprising number of Trevally. These are best targeted using flasher rigs with nice strip baits, i.e. Trevally and Bonito. Having said this, using slow jigs is also very effective and eliminates catching some of the winter nasties such as Spiny Dogfish and Red Cod. Orange seems to be the colour of choice. On these coasts the Tarakihi fishing has been great with some very large specimens being caught. It is important to use small hooks and small baits as the Tarakihi have small mouths. There is also Snapper turning up amongst the Tarakihi, while not in any great numbers, they are a welcome surprise and will only increase in numbers as the water temperatures rise.

South Coast is currently very challenging due to the extreme weather patterns we have been having. Those anglers that have managed to grab the small windows of opportunity available have caught some nice Blue Cod, Tarakihi and Gurnard. People who have fished the South Coast have really only been able to fish the inshore waters due to the really rough weather and changeable conditions we have been having.

Surfcasting on the South Coast beaches and in the Harbour, is fishing well for Gurnard and Spotted Sharks. These are both lovely eating fish and well worth targeting using Paddle Crabs as bait. Kahawai have been a bit slow, but should become more readily available to catch as more bait fish move into the Harbour.

If you are not out there fishing already, make sure you check over all your gear. Replenish your tackle box, stock up on bait, check your rods and reels and make sure you are ready to go when the opportunity arises. At the very latest, you should be aiming to be out there fishing when daylight saving starts, which brings with it warmer weather, more daylight at the end of the day and more fish. Exciting times ahead!

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