Black Magic Sabiki Rigs ~ Ideal For Kids Fishing


Black Magic Sabiki Rigs are ideal for kids fishing as they come complete with sinker.

Using a small rod and reel, or simple hand line is all that is needed to get kids fishing. A simple packet of bait flies needs no bait and catches spottys, herrings and other small fish very effectively. Or you can put a tiny bit of bacon rind or squid in the hooks to further attract the fish. With small kids it is a good idea to cut your string of five or six bait flies in half as they do tangle easily. A couple of really small sinkers, an ice-cream container with a little bit of bread to make a slushy burly and you’re ready to fish. 

By throwing in a handful of slushy bread down the side of an underwater pile and dropping the kids lines down in the middle of the slush, you are attracting the fish to the exact spot the kids hooks are, and are increasing their chances of hooking a fish. Remember the idea is to attract the fish’s attention to the area where the hooks are, not to put so much slush down that it feeds them! If you are putting bait on the bait flies or on a small hook, it is really important to keep the bait size tiny. Remember a small fish has a tiny mouth and can’t physically swallow a big piece of bait. You greatly increase your chances of catching more fish using small baits than you do using big pieces of bait. 

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And as always, have fun and be safe on and around the water :)