More Fishing Hazards By The Missus - Berley - The Untold Story Continues.....


Making berley on the lawn is a favorite pastime for those days that you just can’t get out fishing. The paua gut and dismembered crayfish legs that get spilt over on to the lawn is a minor detail, no fisherman worth his salt is going to even think about that, are they.

But what of the lady of the house? I can honestly say that after stepping on the lawn bare foot to hang up yet another set of fishy clothes and standing on a crayfish leg is definitely not a high point in my day. I never forget to keep my mouth closed as the swarm of flies rise to welcome me as I disturb their rich feeding ground. Trust me, having swallowed a fly personally I now know exactly how a trout feels.

To make a really good berley brew remove old fish from the freezer being careful not to remove the sausages next to it. Go next into the pantry and remove the nice tupperware containers labelled bread crumbs, porridge, bran flakes or any other food source that looks appropriate. Proceed outside with ingredients and the best kitchen wooden spoons, add to minced fish frames fresh from kitchen whiz with generous quantities of water and fish oil. Fill the berley containers of your choice. By the several hundred empty milk cartons littered around the property I think that’s ours, unless the milk department is using us for an emergency supply depot that is.

Milk cartons are good for freezing berley in though it does have its draw backs. They start to accumulate on the bench and overflow on to every conceivable space in the house. Having had the importance of good berley carefully explained to me in words of one syllable or less, as is needed for a non fisherman, and add to that the importance of recycling, I now understand completely. Honestly, when picking up the wrong milk container and watching a clump of curdles fall plop into my cup of tea from a two week old unwashed container who am I to complain?

Remove all human food from freezer and put aside to allow defrosting to proceed. Carefully start stacking berley containers in the freezer making sure to allow good air circulation to ensure solid freezing. Replace the human food back in freezer, if possible avoiding placing it on the berley overflows and spills. Before closing the lid ensure that the cat is removed from its gourmet pate paradise.

You are now ready for a great seasons fishing!


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